Foreclosure Prevention Information

A loss of job, medical expenses, or other life-altering occurrence can happen to anyone, and cause them to have difficulty making their mortgage payments.

Steps to Prevent Foreclosure

Contact Your Lender

Calling your Lender is your first step to avoid foreclosure.

If you think that your next mortgage payment might be late, or if you are already behind with your payments, the most important thing you can do to help prevent foreclosure is to contact your Lender immediately.

Homeowners can learn more about the default process in Pennsylvania and alternatives to avoid foreclosure by visiting the "Alternatives To Avoid Foreclosure" Web page.

Credit Counseling

You should never assume that your situation is hopeless, and never ignore the letters and calls from your Lender. Your Lender can work with you to explore all of your options and alternatives to foreclosure, while the Consumer Credit Counseling Agency can work with you to establish a debt management program for your other bills.

Act Now! Ignoring the problem will not make it go away, it will only make it more difficult to resolve.

Foreclosure is the last thing that any Lender wants to do. But, they will need your cooperation to pursue the alternatives to foreclosure.

Act 91 Notice

If you have received an Act 91 Notice from your lender, you may want to consider applying for a Homeowners' Emergency Mortgage Assistance Loan.

Pennsylvania residents may be eligible for financial assistance to avoid foreclosure, and help make their mortgage payments through Act 91 of 1983 the "Homeowners’ Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program".

Residential Mortgage Diversion Program

The Residential Mortgage Diversion Program was created to provide a stay of foreclosure on owner-occupied homes. This stay allows the parties an opportunity to reach an agreement to reinstate the loan and avoid foreclosure. Get more information.