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If you are not a Homeownership Professional, please go to the "HOME PAGE" to locate your resources.

Homeownership Professionals

In 1982, the first Homeownership Program was created, through which PHFA provides capital for single-family, home purchase loans. The Homeowners' Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program (HEMAP) was created by Act 91 in 1983 as a foreclosure prevention program. Rental housing, homeownership, and foreclosure prevention remain as PHFA's core components.

Housing industry professionals are a key component of PHFA's homeownership programs. This group of experts includes housing counselors, real estate agents, builders, lenders, brokers, appraisers, title agents, housing authorities, and nonprofit organizations. PHFA's home loan products can help these professionals stretch their customers' dollars further and/or lower their monthly mortgage payment. Together, PHFA and its housing partners ensure that eligible buyers can afford to become and remain homeowners, and that they aren't overwhelmed by the process.

Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents are a vital part of PHFA's homeownership programs. PHFA's home purchase loans carry competitive, 30-year fixed interest rates. Buyers may qualify for closing cost and/or downpayment assistance. This means buyers have more purchasing power and therefore a larger selection of homes from which to choose. Because a Realtor is often the buyers first contact, it is important for agents to know about PHFA's programs and how to determine if their customers are eligible.

PHFA's home loans are originated, processed, and closed by a network of approved participating lenders. The loans and servicing rights are then purchased by the Agency following settlement. PHFA loans are also originated by approved mortgage brokers who obtain sponsorship from a participating lender.

Training Events

PHFA offers both Web–based and in–person training opportunities to its housing partners. Web training includes basic and advanced lender training program, as well as a sessions for REALTORS®. Training is also provided throughout the year at various locations.

New participating lenders receive web or on–site training at their office or designated location. PHFA staff may also be available to conduct on-site training at the location of current participating lenders or at REALTOR® offices, upon request. Additionally, PHFA is happy to provide participating lenders with PowerPoint presentations for marketing and internal training purposes. For further details, please contact the Homeownership Programs Division at 717.780.3871.


Additional Resources

As of Jul 02, 2024, PHFA has assisted more than 199,500 families and individuals achieve the American dream of homeownership by providing funding totaling more than $18.5 billion. Home loans are financed through the sale of mortgage revenue bonds, not tax allocations. Certain federal laws regulate the kinds of mortgages that can be offered and the borrowers who are eligible to receive them, and set other requirements such as maximum purchase price and income limits.