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PHFA Management

Brian A. Hudson, Sr.
Executive Director & CEO

Rebecca Peace
Deputy Executive Director and Chief Counsel

Adrianne Trumpy
Director of Accounting

Thomas F. Brzana Jr.
Director of Business Analytics

Scott D. Elliott
Director of Communications

Holly Glauser
Director of Development

Jordan S. Laird
Director of Finance

Melissa Grover
Director of Government Affairs

Lori Toia
Director of Homeowners’ Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program

Coleen Baumert
Director of Homeownership Programs

Carl Dudeck
Director of Housing Management

Susan D. Delgado
Director of Human Resources

Kimberly A. Boal
Director of Information Technology

Kathryn W. Newton
Director of Loan Servicing

Bryce Maretzki
Director of Office of Strategic Planning & Policy

Michael G. Kosick
Director of Technical Services

Jay Hausher
Director of Eastern Region

Ali Tomich
Director of Western Region

Updated 06/28/2019