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Pennsylvania Housing Availability & Affordability Report

The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency plays a vital role in the state by leading the development of affordable rental housing, and by providing mortgage products for low- and moderate-income families that are ready for the responsibilities of homeownership. In our day-to-day work, we frequently rely on data from the U.S. Census Bureau and other reputable sources to guide our understanding of housing trends in various parts of the Commonwealth. The genesis of this report stems from our realization that there would be value for our own agency, and also for housing professionals across the state, to have this data consolidated and presented in a consistent format as a helpful resource.

This 89-page report focuses on housing availability and affordability in Pennsylvania and should interest people who want to gauge the abundance and relative cost of housing in the particular county where they live or work. Additionally, comparisons between counties are easily accomplished using the findings in this report. Statewide data also have been presented so that housing availability and affordability in individual counties can be compared and contrasted with the status of housing in the state as a whole.

Affordable housing is critical for helping Pennsylvanians reach their full potential. When housing is readily available for people at various income levels, it helps families come together, it supports community stability and vitality, and it provides economic stimulus that benefits everyone. We hope this report helps make these things possible by giving us all a clearer picture of the status of our state's housing environment and the trends underway.