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Manufactured Home Community Rights (MHCR)

NOTICE: House Bill 1767

Act 156 of 2012 sets out requirements for owners of manufactured home communities that are selling, leasing or closing communities. The Act requires owners of manufactured home communities to provide written notice to residents and tenants upon the sale or lease of a community. Owners must provide written notice to the residents and tenants of the community and to PHFA. Notice must be sent within 30 days after any agreement of sale is signed and posted in the same conspicuous and readily accessible place that the community's rules and regulations are posted.

The Act also requires owners of manufactured home communities to provide written notice to residents, to the resident association if one exists, to PHFA and to the municipality where the community is located, prior to closing all or a portion of a community. Notice must be provided within 60 days of deciding to close the community. The notice must include an estimate date of closure and an estimate date by which residents and tenants will be expected to vacate the community - at least 180 days after the date of the notice.

Notices of sale, lease or closure provided to PHFA must be sent via certified mail to:

Leonidas Pandeladis
Chief Counsel
Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency
211 N Front Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101

Further, the Act requires PHFA to compile a list of entities and people interested in receiving copies of notices that the Agency receives. If you provide PHFA with your contact information, the Agency will forward you a copy of any notice of sale, lease or closure of a manufactured home community within 10 days of receiving such notice. To be added to the list of people interested in receiving copies of sale, lease or closure notices, please provide your contact information in a letter mailed to the above address or by emailing PHFA's Legal Department.

The Act also requires manufactured home community owners to pay relocation expenses to the owner of any manufactured home in a manufactured home community that is closing in an amount equivalent to the cost of relocation, not to exceed the amount of $4,543.72 for single section manufactured homes and $6,815.58 for a multisection manufactured home. These amounts will be adjusted annually by the Department of Community and Economic Development to reflect any increase in the Consumer Price Index.

The Manufactured Home Community Rights Act (68 P.S. § 398.1, et seq.) provides residents and tenants of manufactured home communities with certain rights and protections. If you feel that your rights under the Act have been violated, you may file a complaint with your local District Attorney or the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General's Bureau of Consumer Protection. Complaint forms are available on the Bureau of Consumer Protection's website, or you may call the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Hotline at 1.800.441.2555.



The information on this page was revised on April 21, 2021.