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Loan Programs for Home Improvements & Repairs

Homeowners Energy Efficiency Loan Program (HEELP)

The Homeowners Energy Efficiency Loan Program (HEELP) offers loans between $1,000 and $10,000 for specific energy efficiency repairs at a fixed-rate of one percent (1%); (APR 1%) for ten years with no prepayment penalties. (For a representative $10,000 loan with $0 financing charge. Subject to credit approval and restrictions.)

HEELP loans are more affordable than you may think: $44 per month for a $5,000 loan or $88 per month for a $10,000 loan. With such affordable payments, now you can make those much needed energy efficiency repairs.

The specific uses for the HEELP funds are:

  • Air sealing, insulation and ductwork
  • Energy efficient windows and doors
  • Energy efficient heating or cooling system repairs or replacements
  • Roof replacements

The HEELP income limits are listed in the chart below.

Persons 80% of AMI*
Monthly Annual
1 $4,613 $55,350
2 $5,271 $63,250
3 $5,929 $71,150
4 $6,588 $79,050
5 $7,117 $85,400
6 $7,642 $91,700
7 $8,171 $98,050
8 $8,696 $104,350

Limits are effective June 13, 2024 and thereafter. The Agency may make exceptions to these limits. These limits may be increased up to 150% Area Median Income (AMI) based upon individual circumstances. Please contact PHFA at 1.855.827.3466 for more information.

Download the Borrower Application . PHFA will underwrite your application and let you know if you are approved. If we have a local HEELP Loan Provider in your area we will refer you there. Otherwise, we will walk you through how to get the work that you need to have done approved. Do not permit work to begin at your home until the loan is closed.

Unsure if you should apply for HEELP? Complete the Self Pre-Screening Form to see for yourself if HEELP may be an option for you.

HEELP Approved Contractors

Locate an approved HEELP contractor in your area.* To locate a contractor in your area, please choose a county from the menu below.

*Approved contractors have indicated that their companies have never committed financial crimes. Homeowners still need to learn about the company’s skill at doing the work needed in their homes. This is exclusively a homeowner responsibility. If you do not see your contractor on the list, have the company apply to become an approved contractor.


Questions or concerns regarding this list should be directed to the Homeownership Programs Department.

Are you a contractor interested in doing HEELP work?

All contractors working with HEELP borrowers must be approved. Download the Contractor Application.