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Technical Services

Submission Guides

Submission Guide documents are broken down into six TABS. After selecting a TAB you will be able to go directly to the desired section for information.

The TSR participates in progress and payout meetings, monitors the progress schedules and change order logs, attends and participates in quarterly meetings during the 12 month guarantee inspection period, and is responsible for verifying and initiating issuance for the following Agency certificates Substantial Completion, Occupancy Certification, Construction Completion, and Final Inspection.

For questions regarding construction process contact the Technical Services Department

Architects/Contractor Requirements

Following are documents associated with closing a PHFA Multifamily loan. The documents are formatted as "fillable" pdf's. Please send completed and executed documents to: Legal Division, 211 North Front Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17101, no later than five business days prior to closing.

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