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Multifamily Housing Application Package and Guidelines

Visit the Multifamily Application Online Submission Website.

PHFA has developed a single application for both its Loan and Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Programs. It is important that an Applicant reads and understands how these guidelines and exhibits impact their application.

The Agency will underwrite the development based upon amounts set forth in the syndicator's letter and may establish minimum gross equity pay-in standards during processing. Applicants will be notified regarding any equity adjustments during processing.

Multifamily Program Guidelines and General Requirements

Multifamily Application and Instructions

The Multifamily Housing Application is the “form” portion of the application that is used for all rental housing programs. The application must be completed in its entirety and additional schedules, lists, or attachments may be provided, as required.

All applications are required to be submitted with attachments or supporting documentation. These requirements are explained in the Multifamily Housing Application Instructions. Please note that for 2016, the Agency requires only one hard copy and an electronic submission of the application. Any material deficiency in the application, particularly the omission of documentation relating to the site, a market study/needs assessment, and verification of funding sources may result in the immediate rejection of the application. Furthermore, the final ranking score, as determined by the Agency, is based only upon the information contained in the initial application.

Submission Requirements

Fillable Submission Documents

General Information

TAB 00: Underwriting Application

TAB 01: Development Synopsis and Intent to Submit a Tax Credit Application

TAB 02: Multifamily Housing Core Underwriting Application & Operating Budget

TAB 03: Tax Credit and PennHOMES Selection Criteria

TAB 04: Market Study/Housing Needs Assessment and Rent Comparability Study

TAB 05: Schematic Plans / Scope of Work

TAB 06: Evidence of Site Control

TAB 07: Appraisals

TAB 08: Architect's Certifications

TAB 09: Community & Economic Impact / Community Revitalization Plan

TAB 10: SHPO & Historic Preservation Documentation

TAB 11: Supportive Services

TAB 12: Affordable and/or Accessible Unit Certification of Selection Criteria

TAB 13: Commitment to Offer Homeownership

TAB 14: Public Housing Authority Notification

TAB 15: Rent Roll/Displacement of Existing Tenants

TAB 16: Development Team Experience

TAB 17: Phase 1 Environmental Review / Environmental Test Results

TAB 18: Developments with Commercial Space - Commercial Income and Cost

TAB 19: Utility Information

TAB 20: Certification of Subsidies

TAB 21: Construction Financing and/or Permanent Financing Letters of Intent

TAB 22: Bridge Loan Financing

TAB 23: Syndication Information

TAB 24: Development Cost Savings

Additional Submission Requirements

PennHOMES Applications

Tax Credit Applications

TAB 28: Attorney's Opinion for Acquisition Tax Credit

TAB 29: Waiver Requests

TAB 30: Nonprofit Set-Aside

Supportive Housing Applications

TAB 31: Supportive Housing Set-Aside

Preservation Applications

TAB 32: Financial Statements

TAB 33: Existing Financing & Regulatory Documents

TAB 34: Project Capital Needs Assessment & Energy Audit

TAB 35: Preservation Set-Aside Preference

TAB 36: Assumed Debt

Tax Exempt Volume Cap Applications

TAB 37: Statement of Qualification under Request for Proposals

TAB 38: Statement of Qualification for Tax Exempt Financing

TAB 39: Statement of Qualification for Tax Credits

TAB 40: Letter Outlining Bond Financing Strategies

TAB 41: Qualification of Bond Financing Team

TAB 42: Evidence of Bond Rating

TAB 43: Evidence of Bond Letter from Issuing Agency Requesting 42(m) Review

All Applicants

TAB 44: Minimum Design Standards for Innovative Design

TAB 45: Additional Information Requirements

Special Instructions

X: Submission Requirements for Additional Tax Credit Applications

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